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RC Blimps

Indoor and Outdoor Models from 8 foot to 30 foot

Remote Control blimps for sports teams, universities, high-schools, trade shows and advertising agencies. Kits include everything you need to fly…

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Giant Ball Balloons

Advertising Balloons - Large, Extra Large, Giant

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Advertising Blimps

Awesome advertising blimps that will get you noticed.

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Heavy Lift Nylon Blimps

Nylon Payload Blimps in Extreme Sizes

We manufacture extreme-sized blimps and balloons to lift your heavy payload

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Custom/Specialty Balloons

We can build just about anything

Southern Balloon Works Gallery

Giant Earth Balloons

Giant Earth Balloons
Greenpeace Netherlands ordered 4 18 foot diameter digital earth globes for a special event. We produced these in six days, on the seventh day we rested....

Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines
We built these balls on a tight-deadline using 3d computer generated gores plotted on a wide format printer. It was a huge success for the production company and the customer.

Oreo Commercial

Oreo Commercial
The commerical aired during the NFL Playoff championships. We produced critical materials including the blimp (not our fault the ref shot it!) and the huge deflated blimp that falls on the Manning brothers and Williams sisters.  We had one week to deliver, all props were on-time and on-budget.

Geico Commercial

Geico Commercial
We have a great track record of delivering the right solutions on time for commercial production companies. You have to watch closely, our 12 foot RC blimp doesn't get much air time.

Creative solutions for unique challenges

Please watch a few quick videos and see what we can do!
Nightlight backpack balloons in Hollywood.jpg Nightlights Lighted Balloons on a backpack -Fill with air!

Kingfisher Aerostat

KingFisher Aerostat flying high in the sky Kingfisher wind-capable aerostat. Developed in partnership with Embry-Riddle Aeronautics University. Designed for aerial photography, aerial surveillance and heavy-lift requirements.

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  • SBW adds LED lights to their NightLights!
  • SBW builds the world's largest beach balls
  • SBW delivers Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company authorized replica remote control blimp

Doing business with us

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Polyurethane versus PVC

Compared to alternatives our products are more cost-effective. A major reason is that we use a better-performing material called Polyurethane, which is designed to hold the Helium molecule. Cheaper products made of PVC or urethane-coated nylon lose helium quickly - which increases your costs. That means a cheap product costs more in the long term.

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